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HYPE Freedom School, Inc. (HYPE) is a non profit organization serving the Sunnyside/South Park and other surrounding Houston area youth by providing positive youth development services that enhance the lives of children who most need and yet families can least afford out of school time learning opportunities



Empower people with the knowledge they need to be
successful and self-sufficient

Providing parents and/or other parenting adults and their children with access to educational enrichment activities

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Passionately supporting children from Houston’s most disadvantaged communities.

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Committed to providing culturally affirming, literacy-based programming for students.

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25 Years of Bright Summers Leading to Bold Futures

Join the HYPE Team!

HYPE is seeking qualified Project Coordinator, Summer Project Director, Servant Leader Intern and Site Coordinator candidates for its leadership team who are passionate about our youth and making a difference in their communities and lives. Click the Donate Now button or visit to apply!

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Sponsor a Scholar

Support a scholar to attend HYPE's 6-weeks of summer learning with cultural literacy activities that excite, motivate and ignite the love of reading. HYPE provides books to each scholar to build and/or start their home libraries.

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Sponsor a site

HYPE's goal is to provide a high quality literacy enrichment program to prevent the summer and COVID learning loss to every child who needs one. Help us reach our goal by sponsoring a site for 30 or 50 scholars.

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