Knowledge is Power!

The mission of HYPE is to empower people with the knowledge they need to be successful and self-sufficient. We accomplish our mission by providing parents/caregivers and their children with access to educational enrichment activities outside normal school hours.

HYPE Freedom School, Inc. (HYPE) provides positive youth development services that enhance the lives of children who most need and yet family can least afford out of school time learning opportunities. With an integrated reading curriculum that includes conflict resolution, problem solving and social action, HYPE helps scholars build self-efficacy and confidence in their learning abilities

HYPE’s vision is to provide books to K-12th grade scholars that reflect their own images of Black and other underrepresented people’s experiences, accomplishments and perspectives; Ensure the youth and young adults served know they have a voice and it matters now more than ever; Prepare and support scholars and young adults to be activists who demand change and justice both now and in the future; Offer the program to 500 K-12th graders in Houston’s Sunnyside/South Park area.

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